20th Century Classic

Fedora : Goorin bro                Watch : Ben Sherman

Vest : Suit Supply               Tie & Pocket Square : The Tie Bar

Briefcase : Herring Shoes

Shoes: J.D. Fisk

Wristwatch : Ben Sherman

Pocketwatch : Charles Hubert

Hello, everyone!

Hope your new year is going swimmingly!

Today, I’m sporting another classic look. This suit from Jackthreads has all the classic lines and fit of the styles of yesteryear.
The more billowy cut, especially, in the legs, was a defining feature of the early to mid 20th-century men’s fashion

Actually, I’m rocking head to toe herringbone, well except for the shoes and the hat.

I’m such a big fan of herringbone, l think it’s such a classic pattern. No wonder, herringbone roots are in Rome, Italy!
FYI, it’s called herringbone, because it resembles the skeleton of a herring fish.

This Suit Supply herringbone vest has an early 20th-century flair with its wide lapels and double-breasted style.
If you know me, you know that I’m super into classic styles. It just gets me every time.

The shoes are from JD Fisk also sport a more classic look with their traditional adornments.

To add a splash of color to these more subdued shades, I added my red Tie Bar tie and burgundy pocket square, both herringbone.

The man of affairs of this earlier time period was sure to carry with him a greater number of accouterments than today’s gentleman is accustomed to.

This herringbone overcoat, for example, was an essential addition to his outfit. Here, I have my grey coat, which I found it at a Vintage store in Milan last year. I was so excited to wear it! It provides a perfect complement to my brown suit on a chilly day, such as this.

A pocket watch was also common fare at this time. Here, I’m carrying an exquisite example from Charles Hubert.

Not to be forgotten, a briefcase was an absolutely indispensable part of the gentleman’s wardrobe as he went about his occupational endeavors. Mine is a rich brown leather one from Herring Shoes as well. Just goes perfectly with this whole ensemble.

And, of course, the ultimate men’s symbol of this more sophisticated bygone era, was the hat, which every gentleman had adorning his head. No man was to be seen out and about without this quintessential ingredient. I have here, my classic fedora from Goorin Bros.

Style can be found in the present and in our history. Wherever you look for it, wear it with confidence!




  • Suit : Jackthreads (Shop)
  •    Vest : Suit Supply
  • Tie & Pocket Square The Tie Bar
  • Shoes : J.D.Fisk
  • Briefcase : Herring Shoes
  • Pocket watch : Charles Hubert
  • Fedora : Goorin bro
  • Watch : Ben Sherman