Yes, the California T is a True Supercar.

Yes, the California T is a True Supercar.

Earlier this year we met with Ferrari and discussed a feature of their California T. Well rooted as we are in the So-Cal culture we suggested sweeping views of the shoreline along the Pacific Coast Highway, a journey through downtown at night, and a sunny ride through Pasadena and its palm trees.

They agreed and we were soon introduced to our bold red beauty that rolled in from accross the country.

Our particular model was graced with the Rosso California exterior and Nero interior and carpets. There was carbon fiber throughout and the leather wrapping on the steering wheel and seats felt oh so luxurious.

Being a supercar, it of course had nice guts. Inside was a 552 horse power 3.8 liter direct injection V8, ensuring a 0 to 60 climb in a scant 3.3 seconds.

Going through all of the specs was awesome but we were eager to get it out on the road. We took off right away and broke it in on PCH, which was literally heart pounding fun. The drive was characterized by a great balanced responsiveness which was peppy but not intimidating, yielding a powerful but surprisingly easy experience.

The T also has an unheard of amount of room inside. There was leg room enough behind the wheel even for our six-foot-three editor. Having been in the likes of cramped Lamborghinis, we were taken aback at this.  

There has been some debate as to whether the California T is a 'true' Ferrari. We can say without a doubt that it is. It only has the added convenience of being a daily driver. You can drive it from your car meetup to work to dinner with friends and not worry about clearance getting in and out of driveways or having to nurse the pedal in stop and go traffic.

We highly recommend you check it out.


See our Ferrari tour video for a closer look.


Happy Driving,

The team at the Master of Fashion