Keeping it Toasty


Hey all!

Hope you guys had a fun Super Bowl weekend!

Despite my desperate pleading to all the gods of weather above, its still cold out there! This being the case, at least I still get to rock my coats here and there!

This week, I’ve been absolutely loving this coat from Banana Republic, which has kept me warm (and sane) on these blustery days.

In addition, I threw on my turtleneck, whose soft fabric is keeping me not just warm, but wonderfully comfortable. I just loved layering these two camel shades together.

I also decided to grab some more attention by wearing these white jeans from Mott & Bow. Man, they give my outfit that extra something, but still look clean, simple yet stylish at the same time!

Last but not least are these Chelsea boots from Herring shoes. I’ve been kind of obsessed with them as of late.
I mean who wouldn’t be? They’re supper stylish and trendy, and go with pretty much anything and everything.

Here I am striking a pose as I fly down the steps from an appointment. Why not descend in style, I thought!”

Make sure to venture out and be bold in your sartorial endeavors! As long as you keep it warm, you won’t regret it!

Stay toasty!



 Coat : Combat Gent

 Turtleneck : H&M

 Pants : Mott &Bow

Shoes : Herring Shoes

Shades : Rayban

Watch : Henlein Peter