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Happy Friday!

Did you read my Indochino post yet? If not, here's the link:  Click

Anyhow, I'm excited to share this look with you guys. I've been loving this hat from Herring Shoes, hope you're not sick of it yet. :)


Anyhow, I'm excited to share this look with you guys. I've been loving this hat from Herring Shoes, hope you're not sick of it yet. :)

Anyhow, I'm excited to share this look with you guys. I've been loving this hat from Herring Shoes, hope you're not sick of it yet. :)


Happy Friday!

Did you read my Indochino post yet? If not, here's the link:  Click

Anyhow, I'm excited to share this look with you guys. I've been loving this hat from Herring Shoes, hope you're not sick of it yet. :)

This is a simple Spring look, you could rock any day of the week. Especially great for a Friday! The navy blazer is from Ben Sherman, and you can never have too many navy blazers! They just go with everything, and it's always great to own one or two.

The pants are from Azul, and they're one of my faves. Loved pairing with my double monks from Herring Shoes.

If you don't own a double monk, go check out Herring Shoes, they have everything!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Cheers, Vince

  • Blazer : Ben Sherman
  • Pants : Azul by moussy
  • Hat and Shoes : Herring Shoes

Interested in an affordable made to measure suit?

Hello everyone!

I've partnered up with Indochino and I'm excited to share with you my made-to-measure experience.

Indochino is not only one of the largest made-to-measure brands in the menswear market right now but were also one of the very first in the game.

Their success among style-conscious men is largely attributed to two important factors: quality and affordability. It is this commitment to accessible style that has rendered them my well-merited recommendation.

My made-to-measure journey commenced when I was invited to visit their beautiful Beverly Hills showroom. The experience could only be described as wonderfully pleasant.

Upon arrival, I was greeted by Basilia, a sweet & knowledgeable young lady. Following her warm reception, I was generously offered a drink before we got started on the work of crafting my very own custom suit!

The first floor was bustling with customers and guests, and the furnishings and products produced quite an elegant display, but we were soon led upstairs to the Groom's Suite, an even more sumptuous location. The second floor was so well decorated and had such a tranquil atmosphere that I was convinced that there couldn't exist a more optimal scene for embarking on our sartorial adventure.

It took all of 10 or 15 minutes to have measurements taken and our guide helpfully brought out some samples for a size reference.

After the measurements, we returned downstairs, picked out the fabrics, and did all the other fun stuff.

At this point, I knew that the hardest part was going to be choosing the fabric. They had a veritable pantheon of beautiful ones from their new SS17 collection. I didn't even know where to begin!

I finally decided on the denim blue plaid fabric, and, of course, chose a double breasted jacket with a 3.5 inches wide peak lapel. The fabric practically screamed British style and class! And if you know me, you know that I love great British and Italian style suits.

Now came the moment where I would choose the suit's finer details. And when I say I would choose these details, boy do I really mean it. All the way, from the lapels, to the stitching, to even customizing the suit with my own lining, I could do it all! How awesome is that?

To compliment, I decided on a blue herringbone Dobby shirt with a collar pin. Though we don't see a lot of guys wearing collar pin shirts these days, they are, in my opinion, very elegant and exhibit a more refined masculine sense of style.

The total experience lasted around 45 to 50 minutes, and left me with an unquenchable excitement and anticipation for seeing my new, tailor-made, suit.

After a short four weeks, that felt like an eternity in my anticipation, I received the hallowed email. My suit was ready to pick up!

I arrived on my second visit, and, oh boy, that suit fit me like a glove! They also got all of my detailed style choices down pat. Impressed as I was with all of this, I find myself even more impressed as to how easy and hassle free the whole experience was. Not only did I receive service fit for a monarch, but I also had access to the most high quality fabrics, as well as had a price that didn't break my budget. Best of all, at the end of this very exciting excursion, I had a beautifully made suit that was just for me. One hundred percent me, with all of my chosen details.

I could go on reiterating how awesome this all was, but I suppose I've waxed poetic enough! I'll just say this, then: go to Indochino and get your own, already!

I have a discount code for you guys! Use the code "SS17" to receive any suit for $389. You're welcome!

Thursday Greys

If you know me, I'm a big blazer guy. Blazers are such a versatile item, and every guy should own at least one. You could always dress them down or up! This one from Haspel though, it's a unique piece. How cool is that print?! Since it's such a busy print, I dressed it down with a simple white t-shirt and black jeans.

I went to grab lunch after this shoot, it was comfy and effortless.

To finish it off, I rocked my Skechers kicks, and they're burgundy! You know Skechers, they're all about comfort, and lately they've been really working on bringing stylish shoes!

Hope you liked this look!

Peace out!


  • Blazer : Haspel
  • Pants : Mott & Bow
  • Shoes : Skechers

Easygoing in Spring


Easygoing in SpringHello guys! Hope everyone is having an awesome week!It's been a minute since I blogged a look! Since it's been pretty warm lately in LA, I've been pretty bummed that I couldn't wear my coats.Fortunately for me, it happened to drizzle a little bit this week. Looking for any excuse to don one of my coats, I quickly took the opportunity to take out my single breasted overcoat from Abercrombie, and with my team, rushed out to shoot this look as quickly as possiible! I've rocked this coat in particular quiet a few times this past winter season. As it's light, easy to wear, and stylish at the same time, its been one of my recent favorites. In particular, I really love its convertible collar!To compliment it, I'm wearing a burgundy light sweater from Banana Republic, along with my favorite joggers, also from Abercrombie.As for the shoes, I went with my Creative Recreation kicks, which make this outfit more comfortable, and show themselves off nicely with the tapering in of the joggers.As I like classic looks and typically dress more formally, this outfit, for someone like me, is super laid back. I revel in it right now and I think its a good option for a relaxed spring look.  You can rock this pretty much anywhere and everywhere. Wear your coats while you can and go find your spring casual look. Hit the streets!Hope you liked this outfit! Have a nice week!Vince

  • Coat & Joggers : Abercrombie
  • Sweater : Banana Republic
  • Shoes : Creative Recreation

White Pants All Year Around

White Pants All Year Around

Hello ladies & gents! Are you excited for the weekend?!

I've been busy shooting all week, pretty much, but here I am with a new look!

If you know me already, I love my white pants. I think they go with pretty much anything and everything, and you can style them however you want.

I know that's it's not very easy to pull of white jeans or chinos, and not everyone can pull them off, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't own or wear one.

With the right amount of color, they can look stylish, modern and sharp.

Anyhow, I'm rocking my white chinos with my army green shirt from Vince, and one of my favorite leather jackets from Wilson's Leather.

White pants & leather jacket - it could be such a timeless look. To add that extra edge, I threw on my Victorinox cap.

The brown suede double monks are from Herring Shoes, and the watch is from MVMT.

Have a nice weekend!

Stay stylish, Vince

  • Jacket : Wilson's Leather
  • Shirt : Vince
  • Pants : ZARA
  • Shoes : Herring Shoes
  • Hat : Victorinox

Beatnik Beau

Sometimes you want to dress up but keep it cool. For business associates, I often dress up in a nice sharp suit but for closer confidants, I jump for a more personal laid back style.

Today I had a meeting with some long time friends, so I kept it relaxed with my Cotton On pants and Greats shoes. The latter of which are the perfect casual footwear that’s simultaneously cool and fashionable.

I also threw on my Abercrombie turtleneck. This one is somewhat billowier than my others, which works well for less formal occasions such as today.

Always wanting to keep things a little elegant, I completed the body of my outfit with my Haspel jacket.

To cap it all off, I opted for my patterned newsboy cap from H&M, and last but not least, my accessory of choice, this camo bag by GQ. This is certainly not a business friendly bag, but it is one to take around and show off virtually all other times. It has form and function in all the best ways with its rich pattern and generous storage.

Life gets busy and often we have business before pleasure. Don’t forget to take it easy and meet your friends to unwind and have a bit of fun!

Stay Stylish and Take it Easy,


  • Blazer : Haspel
  • Turtleneck : Abercrombie
  • Pants : Cotton On
  • Shoes : Greats
  • Bag : GQ
  • Hat : H&M

Fashion Favors the Bold

Spring is slowly approaching and its finally starting to warm up in L.A. With the nice weather popping up here and there between these rainy days in California, I've felt freer to dress it down!

Today, I left my Twillory shirt unbuttoned and untucked and threw over a Gran Sasso double breasted vest.

This combination of classic and casual is a great mix for this relaxed sunny day downtown. Keeping with this theme, my Mott&Bow jeans and Maioun double monk strap shoes create a stylish contrast.

As its getting brighter, my Rayban shades have been a big help. Their gold rims match my Haspel coat flawlessly.

And speaking of that Haspel coat, its plain to see why this is one of my most unique and attractive pieces. The rich array of colors and exciting pattern grabs instant attention where ever I go. The weight and quality of the fabric is top-notch, as well! What a way to add comfort and spice up an outfit!

Don't be afraid to throw on something unconventional! Juxtapose your colors, fabrics, and cuts when you assemble your ensemble, of course, but, most of all, rely on your instincts and fearlessly demonstrate your personality! After all, there's only one you!

Go forth and be bold,


  • Coat : Haspel
  • Shirt : Twillory
  • Vest : Gran sasso
  • Jeans : Mott & Bow
  • Shoes : Maioun Shoes
  • Shades : Rayban
  • Watch : Ballast

Old Favorites, New Loves

Hey everyone!

It's been busy last few days! My team and I have been really busy but we've had some good times, saw some awesome product previews, and met some amazing people! Hope everyone's doing great!

Today, I'm sporting a sleek black coat from Combat Gent. Its length and drape are absolutely perfect. I also like it, because it's not too heavyweight, and it goes with any style, whether dressy or casual.

I threw on this new Dunhill turtleneck beneath for some warmth. Turtlenecks are not common faire in my wardrobe, but this fit and design are really too good not to wear when the occasion calls, so I grabbed it right off the rack--an instant love affair! I love the white line that gives it an extra dash of class!

One of my favorite brands is Eight Field of Freedom. I have several pairs of theirs in varying styles. I like their cut and fit most of all, which appeal to my obsessive desire for closely tapered clothes. These black ones taper in beautifully at the bottom and compliment the Bruno Magli shoes with a nice classic cuff.

Its a busy time! Stay active, stay humble, and stay stylish!


  • Coat : Combat Gent
  • Turtleneck : Dunhill
  • Jeans : Eight Field of Freedom
  • Shoes : Bruno Magli
  • Watch : Victorinox

Keeping it Toasty

Keeping it Toasty

Hey all!

Hope you guys had a fun Super Bowl weekend!

Despite my desperate pleading to all the gods of weather above, its still cold out there! This being the case, at least I still get to rock my coats here and there!

This week, I've been absolutely loving this coat from Banana Republic, which has kept me warm (and sane) on these blustery days.

In addition, I threw on my turtleneck, whose soft fabric is keeping me not just warm, but wonderfully comfortable. I just loved layering these two camel shades together.

I also decided to grab some more attention by wearing these white jeans from Mott & Bow. Man, they give my outfit that extra something, but still look clean, simple yet stylish at the same time!

Last but not least are these Chelsea boots from Herring shoes. I've been kind of obsessed with them as of late.I mean who wouldn't be? They're supper stylish and trendy, and go with pretty much anything and everything.

Here I am striking a pose as I fly down the steps from an appointment. Why not descend in style, I thought!"

Make sure to venture out and be bold in your sartorial endeavors! As long as you keep it warm, you won't regret it!

Stay toasty!


  • Coat : Combat Gent
  • Turtleneck : H&M
  • Pants : Mott &Bow
  • Shoes : Herring Shoes
  • Shades : Rayban
  • Watch : Henlein Peter

Classic and Casual on the Go

Happy Friday!

Hope everyone have an awesome weekend!

Life has been pretty busy these past few weeks. I was in a rush today between meetings and had to rather hastily throw on another outfit! However, even when in a hurry, I'm always determined to look my best. Today was no exception!

This outfit is an amalgamation of my more casual fare and a classic look. When raiding my closet, I instantly jumped for a coat of mine by Jackthreads.

Its wide peak lapels and double-breasted style were sure to add a necessary gentleman's flair to my ensemble!

My lightly washed jeans from American Eagle were also a perfect grab and my navy sweater from Cotton On kept me warm and stylish on this chilly afternoon.

I also grabbed my G.H. Bass shoes without a second thought. They are perfect for getting from place to place comfortably and quickly!

I couldn't forget my fedora on this day. From my hat rack, I made sure to spruce up today's look with my olive one from Goorin Bros.

My scarf and watch are from Ben Sherman, and it's one of my new faves. Stylish yet warm.

Life gets busy for all of us, but there's no reason not to make a striking impression. Fill your closet with the very finest, and you will never be short of pieces you can combine into a surprisingly dapper outfit.

Go and try it for yourself!

- Vince

  • Coat : Jackthreads (Shop)
  • Sweater : Cotton On
  • Pants : American Eagle
  • Shoes : G.H. Bass (Shop)
  • Scarf & Watch : Ben Sherman
  • Fedora : Goorin Bros

20th Century Classic

Hello, everyone!

Hope your new year is going swimmingly!

Today, I'm sporting another classic look. This suit from Jackthreads has all the classic lines and fit of the styles of yesteryear. The more billowy cut, especially, in the legs, was a defining feature of the early to mid 20th-century men's fashion

Actually, I'm rocking head to toe herringbone, well except for the shoes and the hat.

I'm such a big fan of herringbone, l think it's such a classic pattern. No wonder, herringbone roots are in Rome, Italy! FYI, it's called herringbone, because it resembles the skeleton of a herring fish.

This Suit Supply herringbone vest has an early 20th-century flair with its wide lapels and double-breasted style. If you know me, you know that I'm super into classic styles. It just gets me every time.

The shoes are from JD Fisk also sport a more classic look with their traditional adornments.

To add a splash of color to these more subdued shades, I added my red Tie Bar tie and burgundy pocket square, both herringbone.

The man of affairs of this earlier time period was sure to carry with him a greater number of accouterments than today's gentleman is accustomed to.

This herringbone overcoat, for example, was an essential addition to his outfit. Here, I have my grey coat, which I found it at a Vintage store in Milan last year. I was so excited to wear it! It provides a perfect complement to my brown suit on a chilly day, such as this.

A pocket watch was also common fare at this time. Here, I'm carrying an exquisite example from Charles Hubert.

Not to be forgotten, a briefcase was an absolutely indispensable part of the gentleman's wardrobe as he went about his occupational endeavors. Mine is a rich brown leather one from Herring Shoes as well. Just goes perfectly with this whole ensemble.

And, of course, the ultimate men's symbol of this more sophisticated bygone era, was the hat, which every gentleman had adorning his head. No man was to be seen out and about without this quintessential ingredient. I have here, my classic fedora from Goorin Bros.

Style can be found in the present and in our history. Wherever you look for it, wear it with confidence!


  • Suit : Jackthreads (Shop)
  •    Vest : Suit Supply
  • Tie & Pocket Square The Tie Bar
  • Shoes : J.D.Fisk
  • Briefcase : Herring Shoes
  • Pocket watch : Charles Hubert
  • Fedora : Goorin bro
  • Watch : Ben Sherman

Midcentury Classic

Hi everyone!

Hope everyone's having an awesome weekend!

Today, I decided to sport a classic casual look with my fantastic Haspel leather jacket. It's weighty, dapper style pairs perfectly with the warm Lacoste turtleneck beneath.

I made sure to roll up my Lacoste pants--both to showcase my Ben Sherman striped socks as well as to keep with my outfit's midcentury style.

I completed the effect with my Gentle Monster shades and my new, current favorite sneakers from Bruno Magli. Even my styled hair fits with this iconic look!

No matter what era or degree of formality you're keen to portray, you can always pull it off with charm and class. Go out and express your style today!

- Vince

  • Leather Jacket : Haspel
  • Turtleneck & Pants : Lacoste (Shop) & (Shop)
  • Shoes : Bruno Magli (Shop)
  • Shade : Gentle Monster (Shop)
  • Socks : Ben Sherman

New Year, New Look!

Happy New Year, everyone!

The holidays are over and the new year has begun!

Today, I decided buck my own trend of classic cuts and don this more modern suit from Jackthreads.

Its modernity is showcased in its narrower lapels and its airier fabric. The fit overall is slimmer than many of the more traditional styles you might see here on the blog!

The rich dark brown of the suit is complimented by this blue gilet from Gran Sasso, and dark green tie from Tie Bar, whose subtle pattern provides a great focal point to the outfit. I've been loving my gilet from Gran Sasso, because you don't really see a double breasted gilet that often. It goes with pretty much anything, you could either dress up or down. It's totally one of my favorite items of the season. Go check them out,

The dark red pocket square from also Tie Bar, adds extra richness to this contemporary but dignified ensemble.

My Ben Sherman socks and  Herring shoes complete the look to make a confident start to the new year!

Let's make a great and stylish 2017, together!


A Post-Christmas Casual Look

Hello everyone!

I hope your holidays were full of fun and good cheer!

As the winter rush and its accompanying crowds have subsided, I'm emerging from the holidays and hitting the city in full stride!

Today, I decided to go more casual with my Paige denim shirt and Eight Field of Freedom jeans. I don't know, I was just in a mood for denim on denim.

I threw on my red/burgundy bomber jacket from Alpha Industries for a warm but relaxed look. I've been wanting this jacket for a while, and I was excited to learn that Jackthreads carries them!

Of course, I made sure to showcase my watch along with it! The suede Chelsea boots are from Crevo, and they compliment the jeans perfectly. You can find the Crevo Chelsea boots on as well!

I completed the outfit with a Cotton On baseball cap to keep with this laid-back ensemble.

2017 is fast approaching! Make your resolution this year to improve yourself and your style!

Take care,

- Vince -

  • Jacket : Alpha Industries fromJackthreads (shop)
  • Denim shirt : Paige (shop)
  • Jeans : Eight Field of Freedom (shop)
  • Chelsea boots : Crevo from Jackthreads (shop)
  • Cap : Cotton On
  • Watch : MVMT (shop)

Cold-weather Coats and Holiday Layering

Hello, everyone!

We're on the cusp of Christmas and the New Year is fast approaching! As such, its getting chillier and windier all the time!

This being the case, today, I decided a warm and toasty turtleneck was in order.

I'm also adopting heavier and warmer coats as the weather becomes less obliging. Here, I have on my delightfully weighty peacoat from Haspel. It's dyed a deep, rich navy and has pronounced, large lapels. Just my style!

Also, as you may have noticed already, I love the look of pinstripes. They add a real sense of classic and worldly character to any outfit, so, today, I donned this beloved pair of pinstripe pants from Banana Republic.

I also endeavored to layer my look today. Adding layers is so important in giving an outfit depth and interest. This can be harder to do in Los Angeles' milder and hotter seasons, but, in winter, its easy to show off one's savvy for it. Here, for example, I added my jean vest from Eight Field of Freedom to enhance the outfit for this purpose.

Finally, I slipped on a pair of mustard shoes from G.H.Bass. The socks and shoes add a brighter and more festive contrast to the rest of the outfit.

Thank you for journeying with me into the holidays this season. As you go about this weekend to meet with family and friends, be sure to display your good taste, and, most of all, be safe and merry out there!

Happy Holidays!

- Vince

  • Coat : Haspel
  • Turtleneck :Zara
  • Vest : Eight Field of Freedom
  • Pants : Banana Republic
  • Shoes : G.H.Bass
  • Watch : Orro Time

A Casual Look for a Winter Trek

It's a fine, windy winter day and I felt driven to venture off the beaten path.

Aware that I would be far separated from the paved highways and concrete sidewalks of the City of Angels, I decided to don more casual attire.

My black jeans from Abercrombie are a superb fit. I also put on my Abercrombie sweater, Victorinox field jacket, and hat--the better to wrap myself in snug warmth on this chilly day.

To add some polish, I put on my Lacoste shoes, which bring an embellished contrast to this otherwise subtle outfit.

Though it is winter, Los Angeles remains ever sunny. So, my outfit would not be complete without my sunnies from ......

Looking first-rate isn't always about impeccably cut suits and prim collars. Sometimes, going casual serves the moment perfectly. Bring together the right look and you will make that moment (and you) memorable to all you encounter!

- Vince

  • Jacket & Hat : Victorinox
  • Sweater & Jeans : Abercrombie & Fitch
  • Shoes : Lacoste
  • Watch : MVMT
  • Shades : ZeroUV

Stepping Into The Holiday Season with Plaid Suit & Chelsea Boots

Happy Holidays, everyone! I hope this post finds you safe and cheerful this Holiday season.

This time of the year is special in so many ways! The cold weather brings with it many motifs characteristic of this season. In the world of fashion, for example, it is well known that winter is the quintessential time for layers and texture.


Seeking to incorporate these in today's outfit, I donned a plaid suit from Eight Field of Freedom over a Zara denim shirt.

Then I threw on my brown suede chelsea boots from Herring Shoes, which added further texture and pizzazz!

These collectively give my outfit warmth and presence in the chilly weather.

Of course, no look of mine is complete without a dab of elegance, so this one called for the addition of a light weight patterned silk scarf and its pocket square kin. To top it all off, I threw on my grey newsboy cap from Victorinox--one of my favorites, and perfect for this chilly weather.

What's your holiday look? How do you add festivity and warmth to your ensemble?

Have a great time out there turning heads!

May your days be merry and bright--and stylish.

- Vince

  • Shirt : Zara
  • Watch : MVMT
  • Hat : Victorinox
  • Shoes : Herring shoes
  • Shades : Zero UV

The Classic Winter Ensemble


The holidays have arrived, and as such, I have been meticulously preparing for the innumerable gatherings that tend to occur this time of year. It is a busy time, and as I’m sure many of you are aware of, but the opportunity to dress for the multiple occasions just makes the season merrier.

The holidays have arrived, and as such, I have been meticulously preparing for the innumerable gatherings that tend to occur this time of year. It is a busy time, and as I’m sure many of you are aware of, but the opportunity to dress for the multiple occasions just makes the season merrier.

On this day, I chose a black, notch lapel jacket from Haspel, and paired it with a brown Boga vest. To add contrast to these darker colors, I decided on some grey pants from Zara and a red and navy striped Sprezzabox tie--the tie additionally giving my outfit an added texture and ‘pop’.

The violet pocket square (courtesy of The Tie Bar), lends a subtle essence of sophistication, and to tie it all together, I adorned one of my favorite monk straps from Herring Shoes.

For gentlemen out and about in the city, this classic winter ensemble is the perfect choice.

You will undoubtedly be turning heads this holiday season!

Stay stylish, Vince

  • Jacket : Haspel
  • Shirt : Bruce field
  • Tie and Socks : Sprezza box
  • Pants : Zara
  • Pocket Square and Cuff links : The Tie Bar
  • Vest : Boga
  • Shoes : Herring shoes