A Casual Look for a Winter Trek

It's a fine, windy winter day and I felt driven to venture off the beaten path.

Aware that I would be far separated from the paved highways and concrete sidewalks of the City of Angels, I decided to don more casual attire.

My black jeans from Abercrombie are a superb fit. I also put on my Abercrombie sweater, Victorinox field jacket, and hat--the better to wrap myself in snug warmth on this chilly day.

To add some polish, I put on my Lacoste shoes, which bring an embellished contrast to this otherwise subtle outfit.

Though it is winter, Los Angeles remains ever sunny. So, my outfit would not be complete without my sunnies from ......

Looking first-rate isn't always about impeccably cut suits and prim collars. Sometimes, going casual serves the moment perfectly. Bring together the right look and you will make that moment (and you) memorable to all you encounter!

- Vince

  • Jacket & Hat : Victorinox
  • Sweater & Jeans : Abercrombie & Fitch
  • Shoes : Lacoste
  • Watch : MVMT
  • Shades : ZeroUV