Beatnik Beau

Sometimes you want to dress up but keep it cool. For business associates, I often dress up in a nice sharp suit but for closer confidants, I jump for a more personal laid back style.

Today I had a meeting with some long time friends, so I kept it relaxed with my Cotton On pants and Greats shoes. The latter of which are the perfect casual footwear that’s simultaneously cool and fashionable.

I also threw on my Abercrombie turtleneck. This one is somewhat billowier than my others, which works well for less formal occasions such as today.

Always wanting to keep things a little elegant, I completed the body of my outfit with my Haspel jacket.

To cap it all off, I opted for my patterned newsboy cap from H&M, and last but not least, my accessory of choice, this camo bag by GQ. This is certainly not a business friendly bag, but it is one to take around and show off virtually all other times. It has form and function in all the best ways with its rich pattern and generous storage.

Life gets busy and often we have business before pleasure. Don’t forget to take it easy and meet your friends to unwind and have a bit of fun!

Stay Stylish and Take it Easy,


  • Blazer : Haspel
  • Turtleneck : Abercrombie
  • Pants : Cotton On
  • Shoes : Greats
  • Bag : GQ
  • Hat : H&M