Campus Look

Campus Look

Hello my friends! Hope everyone's having an awesome weekend! 

I decided to do this fun and casual 

look for you guys. I believe this look will work for anyone, whether what style and taste they have. A great outfit idea for school, date, or even work. 

Let's start with this ultra light jacket from Members Only. This is one of THE most comfortable jackets I've ever owned. Super light and pretty much goes with everything. Great for chilly spring, summer days and evenings. 

The shirt is from Twillory. You can never go wrong with Twillory shirts.

With this shirt, I chose the navy silk knit tie from Geezer Melbourne. I think they go perfectly together.

I'm wearing navy jeans from Mott and Bow,  with Baron Kutz socks. How can you go wrong with navy jeans and fun colored socks? Seriously though, the bright colored socks add that fun and casualty to this outfit. 

These shoes from Frank Wright are called Woking Stone Oxide Leather Derby Shoe. The color is perfect for spring and summer! 

Last but not least, let's get in to the accessories. 

The khaki backpack is from Avi-8, which is perfect for any man, whether you're traveling or just hitting the town. The watch is from Slow Joe, bracelet from Be a Cool Man, and the sunglasses are from Raen by ShopDitto. 

Hope everyone enjoyed this look! See you guys again very soon! Everyone have an amazing new week! 


Vince Lee

1. Jacket : Members Only

2. Shirt : Twillory

3. Pants : Mott and Bow

4. Tie : Geezer Melbourne

5. Belt : Shoes : Frank Wright

6. Bag : Avi-8

7. Bracelet : Be a Cool man

8. Watch : Slow Joe

Sunglasses : Raen by ShopDitto