Cardigan Sweater & Blazer

- Cardigan sweater inside suit jacket -

Hello guys!

Hope you’re ready for the weekend, because I am! :)

Here is a fall/winter outfit idea for you.

I went here with some greys, blues, and some light purple color.

How do you stay warm yet stylish and still looking professional on chilly fall/winter days in LA.

The first thing I wanted to mention here is, the cardigan sweater.

The cardigan sweaters are super versatile, it’s a creative way to dress down a formal outfit or dress up a casual one.

It’s almost like a casual vest if you’re wearing it under a suit jacket. And of course, you stay warm without looking heavy or too layered up, with a help of a wool scarf I’m wearing here.

Inside the suit jacket I’m wearing a light blue button shirt, I think it goes with the light purple suit jacket perfectly.

It just pretty much matches everything.

I think this red and blue diagonal pattern knit tie from H&M is super fun.

And I finished off the look with black simple shoes from H&M. 

Hope you guys liked this look.

See you next time! 

- Jacket, Pants, Shirt, Shoes, Tie, sunglasses and scarf from H&M

- Cardigan : Forever21