Cardigan Weather

- Cardigan Weather -

Who doesn't love a good cardigan?

They're comfy, easy to wear yet still can be stylish.

It's also heavy and thick enough to serve as an outerwear on warm fall/winter days.

Especially in LA weather, you can survive in it all throughout the winter.

you can just throw it over a couple layers for an easy laid back weekend.

Or dress it up, like I did here. 

It's an easy and quick way to add a style to a business-casual outfit.

Just to add a little "holiday" mood, I went with a green tie. Hope you guys like this outfit and I wish everyone a Merry Christmas!

1. Cardigans : Forever21 both

2. Shirt : H&M

3. Pants : ZARA

4. Tie : ZARA

5. Shoes : Clarks 

6. Fragrance : John Varvatos from ( Details Magazine )