Cold-weather Coats and Holiday Layering

Hello, everyone!

We're on the cusp of Christmas and the New Year is fast approaching! As such, its getting chillier and windier all the time!

This being the case, today, I decided a warm and toasty turtleneck was in order.

I'm also adopting heavier and warmer coats as the weather becomes less obliging. Here, I have on my delightfully weighty peacoat from Haspel. It's dyed a deep, rich navy and has pronounced, large lapels. Just my style!

Also, as you may have noticed already, I love the look of pinstripes. They add a real sense of classic and worldly character to any outfit, so, today, I donned this beloved pair of pinstripe pants from Banana Republic.

I also endeavored to layer my look today. Adding layers is so important in giving an outfit depth and interest. This can be harder to do in Los Angeles' milder and hotter seasons, but, in winter, its easy to show off one's savvy for it. Here, for example, I added my jean vest from Eight Field of Freedom to enhance the outfit for this purpose.

Finally, I slipped on a pair of mustard shoes from G.H.Bass. The socks and shoes add a brighter and more festive contrast to the rest of the outfit.

Thank you for journeying with me into the holidays this season. As you go about this weekend to meet with family and friends, be sure to display your good taste, and, most of all, be safe and merry out there!

Happy Holidays!

- Vince

  • Coat : Haspel
  • Turtleneck :Zara
  • Vest : Eight Field of Freedom
  • Pants : Banana Republic
  • Shoes : G.H.Bass
  • Watch : Orro Time