Dressy Casual Look

Dressy Casual Look

Hello! Happy rainy weekend to you guys! 

Who's loving this gloomy rainy LA weather?! I'm loving it for sure. ;)

This time, I've prepared this dressy casual look for you guys. 

It's so easy to wear, and you can rock it pretty much anywhere and anytime. You will still look dapper without trying too hard. 

Let's start with it! I'm wearing H&M blazer over Sebastian Ward red&white stripe shirt.

I chose a red knit tie from ASOS, which goes perfectly with the shirt. Knit ties look the best if worn with one or two button blazers, and they are especially popular when it comes to more casual looks. 

For more casual look, I'm wearing black trousers from Zara. 

I'm excited to talk about these shoes I'm wearing from Maioun Shoes. They're so great and you can have so much fun with them! Why? Because they have interchangeable soles. How fun is that?! I went with the blue sole here. 

Last but not least, the watch is from MVMT. It just completes the look. 

So there you go, hope you guys liked this look! I'll see you guys next time! 


Vince Lee 

1. Blazer : H&M

2. Shirt : Sebastian Ward

3. Pants : Zara

4. Shoes : Maioun Shoes 

5. Tie : Asos

6. Watch : MVMT Watch