Interested in an affordable made to measure suit?

Hello everyone!

I've partnered up with Indochino and I'm excited to share with you my made-to-measure experience.

Indochino is not only one of the largest made-to-measure brands in the menswear market right now but were also one of the very first in the game.

Their success among style-conscious men is largely attributed to two important factors: quality and affordability. It is this commitment to accessible style that has rendered them my well-merited recommendation.

My made-to-measure journey commenced when I was invited to visit their beautiful Beverly Hills showroom. The experience could only be described as wonderfully pleasant.

Upon arrival, I was greeted by Basilia, a sweet & knowledgeable young lady. Following her warm reception, I was generously offered a drink before we got started on the work of crafting my very own custom suit!

The first floor was bustling with customers and guests, and the furnishings and products produced quite an elegant display, but we were soon led upstairs to the Groom's Suite, an even more sumptuous location. The second floor was so well decorated and had such a tranquil atmosphere that I was convinced that there couldn't exist a more optimal scene for embarking on our sartorial adventure.

It took all of 10 or 15 minutes to have measurements taken and our guide helpfully brought out some samples for a size reference.

After the measurements, we returned downstairs, picked out the fabrics, and did all the other fun stuff.

At this point, I knew that the hardest part was going to be choosing the fabric. They had a veritable pantheon of beautiful ones from their new SS17 collection. I didn't even know where to begin!

I finally decided on the denim blue plaid fabric, and, of course, chose a double breasted jacket with a 3.5 inches wide peak lapel. The fabric practically screamed British style and class! And if you know me, you know that I love great British and Italian style suits.

Now came the moment where I would choose the suit's finer details. And when I say I would choose these details, boy do I really mean it. All the way, from the lapels, to the stitching, to even customizing the suit with my own lining, I could do it all! How awesome is that?

To compliment, I decided on a blue herringbone Dobby shirt with a collar pin. Though we don't see a lot of guys wearing collar pin shirts these days, they are, in my opinion, very elegant and exhibit a more refined masculine sense of style.

The total experience lasted around 45 to 50 minutes, and left me with an unquenchable excitement and anticipation for seeing my new, tailor-made, suit.

After a short four weeks, that felt like an eternity in my anticipation, I received the hallowed email. My suit was ready to pick up!

I arrived on my second visit, and, oh boy, that suit fit me like a glove! They also got all of my detailed style choices down pat. Impressed as I was with all of this, I find myself even more impressed as to how easy and hassle free the whole experience was. Not only did I receive service fit for a monarch, but I also had access to the most high quality fabrics, as well as had a price that didn't break my budget. Best of all, at the end of this very exciting excursion, I had a beautifully made suit that was just for me. One hundred percent me, with all of my chosen details.

I could go on reiterating how awesome this all was, but I suppose I've waxed poetic enough! I'll just say this, then: go to Indochino and get your own, already!

I have a discount code for you guys! Use the code "SS17" to receive any suit for $389. You're welcome!