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-London Attitude -

This time I went with this bright blue suit that's versatile in summer, fall, business or for fun. 

Why not change things up, instead of the same old black or navy blue suits?

I hope this guys gives you an idea how to wear a bright blue suit.

I matched it up with a same colored tie, pink shirt and a double breasted vest.

Not a lot of men have a pink shirt in their closet, however I personally think it adds a little bit of flavor to the outfit, and can compliment your complexion if you choose the right pink tone. 

I love vests, especially double breasted ones.

I think they are functional as well as decorative piece of clothing.

Stylish yet, can make you look sophisticated.

Thank you for visiting,  See you next time.

- MRVLStyle- 

1. Suit : Paisley&Gray by Jackthreads

2. Shirt : Micheal kors 

3. Vest : Bar3 

4. Shoes : H&M