Mustard Pants On a Rainy Day

- Mustard Colored Pants On a Rainy Day -

Would you wear mustard colored pants?

In my opinion, When it comes to bright colors, men are little bit skeptical.

However, with the right color blocking, why not give it a try?

Hey, the color yellow represents cheerfulness, happiness and fun,

so go for it. :)

On this beautiful rainy day, with my mustard colored pants, 

I chose a navy colored paisley dress shirt, with a dark brown double button coat and brown cheesy boots.

The brown shoes would be the best match for mustard or yellow pants.

Don't forget the brown belt to match it. I believe mustard/yellow and brown

go perfectly together with fall season. 

I hope you guys like this look!

Thank you.  

- MRVLStyle -

1. Coat : Chris christy from Korean brand

2. Shirt : H&M

3. Pants : Zara

4. Shoes : Hawking mc grill from urban outfitters

5. Belt : Polo

6. Sunglasses : Topman