New Year's First Post ft. Paul Drish

  1. New year’s first post featuring Paul Drish.
  2. Happy New Year everyone!
  3. I hope your year is off to an amazing start!
  4. This post is all about Paul Drish and their awesome weekender bag and single monkstrap shoes.
  5. One of the best quality shoes I’ve ever tried on.
  6. They feel so comfortable and make you feel so luxurious.
  7. Paul Drish utilizes a strong integrity in craftsmanship to produce stylish, high-end yet affordable leather handbags and shoes.
  8. As of the outfit, I decided to go with a simple yet classic all black suit, and a white shirt. Just to add a little edge, I added the Ted Baker neckerchief.
  9. Neckerchiefs are perfect for any season, and versatile enough  to be incorporated into any look.
  10. It just adds that edge into any outfit.
  11. Since it’s been chilly lately in Los Angeles, I had to add a coat. The Superdry  Double-breasted, fitted overcoat with a contrast color.
  12. To finish off  this outfit, I am wearing black leather gloves.
  13. I personally think, wearing gloves gives an outfit sophistication, and gives a man some kind of power. And of course, they keep your hands warm during cold times.
  14. I hope you guys enjoyed this look.
  15. To learn more about Paul Drish handbags and shoes, visit
  16.  Thank you guys.  
  17. 1. Suit : Bon (from Korean custom suit brand)
  18. 2. Shirt : H&M
  19. 3. Coat : Superdry
  20. 4. Bag&Shoes : Paul Drish
  21. 5. Neckerchief : Ted Baker
  22. 6. Sunglasses : ZeroUV