Old Favorites, New Loves

Hey everyone!

It's been busy last few days! My team and I have been really busy but we've had some good times, saw some awesome product previews, and met some amazing people! Hope everyone's doing great!

Today, I'm sporting a sleek black coat from Combat Gent. Its length and drape are absolutely perfect. I also like it, because it's not too heavyweight, and it goes with any style, whether dressy or casual.

I threw on this new Dunhill turtleneck beneath for some warmth. Turtlenecks are not common faire in my wardrobe, but this fit and design are really too good not to wear when the occasion calls, so I grabbed it right off the rack--an instant love affair! I love the white line that gives it an extra dash of class!

One of my favorite brands is Eight Field of Freedom. I have several pairs of theirs in varying styles. I like their cut and fit most of all, which appeal to my obsessive desire for closely tapered clothes. These black ones taper in beautifully at the bottom and compliment the Bruno Magli shoes with a nice classic cuff.

Its a busy time! Stay active, stay humble, and stay stylish!


  • Coat : Combat Gent
  • Turtleneck : Dunhill
  • Jeans : Eight Field of Freedom
  • Shoes : Bruno Magli
  • Watch : Victorinox