One WayTo Wear Double Breasted Blazer

One Of The Ways To Wear a Double Breasted Blazer

Hello guys,
Hope everyone is having an amazing week!
It's time for a new outfit post!
I was in a mood for mustard pants and a double breasted blazer. As I've mentioned before, I love mustard colored anything. I think it's a nice pop of color and matches things nicely.
Double breasted blazers are my absolute favorite! They are now back on top of the trend list, and looking very dapper!
With my mustard pants, I decided to go with my H&M navy double breasted blazer. You can never go wrong with a navy color, especially a double breasted blazer.
The tie is from Bows n Ties. Such a fun combination of colors.
The shoes are from Mondrian Shoes, love the blue color for summer.  They're super comfy too.
The socks are from Cnyttan.
The fabulous leather sleeve I'm holding is by Elise Leather Goods. They have such great leather products! Check them out.
Last but not least, the watch is by Vincero Collective.
Hope you guys liked this outfit. See you guys soon!
Vince Lee

1. Jacket : H&M 2. Pants : Zara 3. Shoes : Mondrian Shoes 4. Tie : Bows n Ties 5. Watch : Vincero Collective 6. Socks : Cnyttan 7. Sleeve : Elise Leather Goods