The Created Gentleman

The Created Gentleman

Hello everyone! 

Are you guys ready for the weekend?! It's almost here! 

This time I'm rocking another suit, a navy suit. I personally love the blue, navy suits. Blue and navy are the new black! Super versatile in summer or winter, for corporate or for pleasure. The suit is from The Created Gentleman. They have great suits for affordable prices. Why rent when you can own one?! 

You can pretty much choose anything to wear with a navy suit. As long as you don't go too blue. 

I'm wearing a pink gingham shirt by Twillory. Love their shirts! 

For the pink gingham shirt, I decided to go with a burgundy knit tie. Thought they went well together.

The shoes are from Herring Shoes. One of my favorite shoe brands to date. 

As for the accessories, the watch is by Parsonii, the iPhone 6 plus cases are by Soffio and Carbonize. 

Hope you liked this look! If you have any comments, please leave it below. Have a great weekend! 

Stay cool,

Vince Lee 

1. Suit : The Created Gentleman

2. Shirt : Twillory

3. Tie : ASOS

4. Shoes : Herring Shoes

5. iPhone 6 plus case : Soffio

6. iPhone Case : Carbonize

7. Watch : Parsonii

8. Pocket Square : Beacoolman