White Pants All Year Around

White Pants All Year Around

Hello ladies & gents! Are you excited for the weekend?!

I've been busy shooting all week, pretty much, but here I am with a new look!

If you know me already, I love my white pants. I think they go with pretty much anything and everything, and you can style them however you want.

I know that's it's not very easy to pull of white jeans or chinos, and not everyone can pull them off, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't own or wear one.

With the right amount of color, they can look stylish, modern and sharp.

Anyhow, I'm rocking my white chinos with my army green shirt from Vince, and one of my favorite leather jackets from Wilson's Leather.

White pants & leather jacket - it could be such a timeless look. To add that extra edge, I threw on my Victorinox cap.

The brown suede double monks are from Herring Shoes, and the watch is from MVMT.

Have a nice weekend!

Stay stylish, Vince

  • Jacket : Wilson's Leather
  • Shirt : Vince
  • Pants : ZARA
  • Shoes : Herring Shoes
  • Hat : Victorinox