New Year, New Look


Shirt : The Tie bar (Shop)


Suit : Jackthreads (Shop)      Shades : MVMT (Shop)


Vest : Gran Sasso

Shoes : Herring Shoes (Shop)

Happy New Year, everyone!

The holidays are over and the new year has begun!

Today, I decided buck my own trend of classic cuts and don this more modern suit from Jackthreads.

Its modernity is showcased in its narrower lapels and its airier fabric. The fit overall is slimmer than many of the more traditional styles you might see here on the blog!

The rich dark brown of the suit is complimented by this blue gilet from Gran Sasso, and dark green tie from Tie Bar, whose subtle pattern provides a great focal point to the outfit. I’ve been loving my gilet from Gran Sasso, because you don’t really see a double breasted gilet that often. It goes with pretty much anything, you could either dress up or down. It’s totally one of my favorite items of the season. Go check them out,

The dark red pocket square from also Tie Bar, adds extra richness to this contemporary but dignified ensemble.

My Ben Sherman socks and  Herring shoes complete the look to make a confident start to the new year!

Let’s make a great and stylish 2017, together!